My primary interests include the writing life and critically reflective writing that fosters intellectual and civic engagement in curricular and co-curricular experiences. I am committed to the development of the writer—and writing as an engaged practice—across the university and Durham communities and throughout K-12, undergraduate and graduate, and faculty work.

Here are some of the workshops I’ve led and adapted for a variety of writers and writing contexts-faculty, graduate students, undergraduates, departments, programs, K-12 teachers and students.

Writing Workshops

Understanding writing blocks and developing strategies to overcome them

Women writing (in) the academy

Writing feedback–Getting the right reader at the right time

Creating and sustaining scholarly writing groups

Supporting graduate students as writers

Responding to student writing

Managing large research projects

Civic Engagement

Making writing matter in the engaged university

Learning in versus with the community: How to connect student and community learning

Challenges and strategies to building long-term community partnerships

The role of writing in activist work

Critical Reflection

Women as leaders: Connecting identity, ideals, and vocation

Writing for critical thinking

Using video for critical reflection in qualitative research

Teaching with portfolios

Teaching critical reflection in research

Course Design and Assessment

Storytelling and teaching/syllabus as storyworld

Designing effective writing assignments

Introduction to rubrics

Designing the syllabus with student learning in mind

Teaching with peer feedback

Writing to learn, learning to write in undergraduate research projects